Essay on Teacher Unions And Its Effect On Society

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Education has been one problem to plague our nation for centuries. There have been many disagreements, first about who should be educated, and then what type of education they should receive. Once the foundations of formal education were laid and it was decided every child should be given an education, it came time to find teachers for these schools and students. Teachers have always been an essential part of education, being as they are the ones providing said education. Even with that being said, there have been many cases of teachers being mistreated. There have been so many reported and unreported incidences of this happening that teachers felt compelled to try and do something to combat this problem. Throughout the years teacher unions have been formed, laws have been passed, and court cases have taken place yet teachers still find themselves being subjected to unfair treatment. This caused many teacher unions to take action to try and pass tenure laws for teachers. While these laws were very relevant in the early years of formal education, many are wondering what purpose they serve in today’s society. While teachers are an essential part to any formal learning, it has become very clear to many that the tenure program--at least at the primary and secondary education levels--needs to be studied closely to determine if it is relevant in today’s educational environment and to ensure student learning. Teacher tenure started making its first appearance in 1886, with…

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