Think Like A Man Film Analysis

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Tim Story realistic and relatable concepts in his movies are what make him a remarkable director. Films like Think Like a Man 2, Taxi, and Hurricane Season all have the protagonist’s plan backfire, the protagonist tries really hard to impress people, and the protagonist’s achieves an understanding with the antagonist.
The protagonist’s creates a plan with good intention but it ends up backfiring. In Taxi, Detective Andy after a lot of traffic accidents gets his license revoke and gets demoted by his lieutenant. He then after hears of a bank robbery. Since he is without a car, he comes up with a plan to hail a taxi in order to get to the robbery in order to help deal with the situation. The result of this is the taxi driver, Belle gets her taxi
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Cedric really wanted to be the perfect best man even though Michael initially choses Dominic. After making a huge mistake with the hotel price the boys come to an understanding that Cedric’s intention were good and try to help him get money fast. As the movie progresses Belle starts to understand Detective Andy and how pressured he feels to always do well and try excessively hard. Belle sees he is not as bad as a driver as he thinks. Even though Andy got her taxi which she cherishes very much impounded she still helps him out. He just overthinks too much and after showing him how to relax he becomes a good driver. Coach Collins butts head with Brain Randolph a lot because Brain acts very self-centred, cocky, and arrogant and by how he appears Coach Collins judges him. As the movie progress Coach Collins gets to understand that the reason Brain acts like this is because his older brother died and he is trying so desperately to fill his shoes in his father’s eyes. The pressure, pain and overbearing tough love father is what makes him act the way he does. After coming to an understanding with him Coach Collins talks to Brain’s father and gives him a real eye opening which makes him change his behaviour towards his

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