Think Like A Man Essay

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Sex is portrayed in the media as something that is common, easily accessible, and fun to do. Movies, music, television shows, magazines, billboards, the news; it is a gateway to show the audience sex and persuade today’s society into trying it or becoming more open to it. In today’s society, sex is just that, sex. We have seen over time that people have become more open about sexuality to the point where sex is so common, that people do not even bat an eyelash at it. Strip clubs, pornography, sex in the media it all adds to the stigma that sex is good, maybe even great, by itself. Movies have an important role when it comes to portraying sexuality because these movies are played all over the world, tons of people watch them. Producers, writers, actors and actresses are all a part of showing the audience what sex is and what it can be, much like the movie Think Like a Man, which was …show more content…
Think Like a Man shows that sex without love is nothing but a game. But sex WITH love, is something more. Much more.
Based on the book by Steve Harvey “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”, the film Think Like a Man is all about the game of love. The movie starts out with Kevin Hart speaking about how a boy becomes a man. He chalks it all up to men, women, and sex. Hart claimed that in the past, the main think men wanted was marriage because marriage would lead to sex and that was the main thing that guys wanted. The movie follows four different story lines throughout the entirety of the film: “The Mama’s Boy” (Michael) versus “The Single Mom” (Candace), “The Non-Committer” (Jeremy) versus “The Girl Who Wants the Ring” (Kristen), “The Dreamer” (Dominic) versus “The Woman Who Is Her Own Man” (Lauren), and “The Player” (Zeke) versus “The 90 Day Rule Girl” (Mya). There are an additional two guys that are a part of the guys group “The Happier Divorced Guy” (Cedric) and “The Happily Married Man”

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