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“Father Greg Boyle, Endless Fogiveness”
In “Tattoos on the Heart,” by Gregory Boyle, Boyle experiences how to deal with gangs. The novel, a compelling story about gang violence and one man’s response towards giving those buried within it, tells a story of gang members working for a chance of redemption and solace. Can others be seen as fathers or even as a role models when gang life is such a large force in their lives? Through the story gangbangers that try to change themselves for the pursuit of a better future and a desire to succeed and escape gang life, Boyle tells an emotional, human story about life in the Los Angeles barrios. Boyle characteristics represent him as a father for three gang bangers: Joey Cesar, and Scrappy. While
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Joey does not want the homies to know where he works because he will get made fun of. Boyle is trying to convince joey that his job is great but joey realized it is not a great job. Joey is about to become and wants to work for his son. He wants to be there for his child and as a father wants to be seen as a workingman and someone whom he can look up to.

Cesar is a “homie” to Boyle since he has known him for most of his life. Cesar’s story is one of tragedy and uncertainty: he was in jail for couples of years. Once he was out, he decided to give Boyle a call to improve his prospects. While temporarily living with a friend, Cesar’s girlfriend leaves him, burning his clothes as a means of equating the field after a violent argument. He contacts Boyle, tells him about his desperate situation, and lets him know that he has no money and he needs help. Boyle takes Cesar shopping. After dropping Cesar off, Boyle sees how alone Cesar is. At three O’clock in the morning, Cesar calls Boyle and asks, “have I been your son?” to confirm that he has a father to look up to (Boyle 31). He wants to let Boyle know that he has looked up to him as his father ever since they met. Boyle confirms the notion that he has been a father to Cesar—he verifies the fact that aiding Cesar and allowing him to escape his predetermined and gang-related past was his goal Once again, Boyle shows compassion towards those

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