Essay on Tattoos And Its Effect On Society

1270 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 null Page
Tattoos have become quite the phenomenon in recent years. There are people with ink on them everywhere in the United States. A few years back it was rare even taboo to see so many people with tattoos. Not only has the number of people with tattoos increased, but also the number of tattoos a person has. Also part of the phenomenon is that woman are tattooed just as much as men are. The million-dollar question is what is the cause for this increase in popularity of tattoos. The increase and popularity of tattoos is a result of many things that have happened as society has evolved, but this increase and popularity comes with major effects. One of the causes for the increase of tattoos is society has become accepting of them. Until recent years there has always been a negative stigma about people who have tattoos. Back in the day having a tattoo automatically meant the person was gang related. An article says “Not only do Chinese works dating as far back as the third or fourth century B.C. reference tattoos, it is apparent that tattoos were used in china to identify a person as a criminal, a slave, or even as a concubine” (Oltz). This explains why tattoos have had a bad reputation for so many years. Despite the many years with the believe that people with tattoos are bad, society is dismissing that believe. Also one of the things that society values the most now a day is individualism. Tattoos are a way to set individuals apart. For many people tattoos are way of…

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