Tata Motors Case Study Analysis Essay

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Title 3
1. Introduction 3
2. Main reasons for Tata Motors to enter the global ultra-low car market 3
2.1. Future requirements in regard to global automobile industry 3
2.2. Demand and production of ULCCs 3
3. Competitive advantages that Tata Motors would enjoy with their Nano in emerging markets 3
3.1. Core competencies of Tata Motors 3
3.2. Cost-cutting: an effective marketing strategy 3
3.3. Tata Motor’s competitive advantage 3
4. Screening criteria suggested for Tata Nano’s IMS process 3
4.1. Environmental issues 3
4.2. Potential Market capture 3
5. Suggested regions and specific countries outside India and China for Tata Nano business capture 3
5.1. Scope and Potential 3
5.2. Global Motorization requirements 3
5.3. Potential
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The Tata motors had successfully done this by manufacturing one of the most low-cost and efficient vehicles. Other core competencies which Tata Motors had embedded in organisation’ philosophy and structure were expansion and acquisition and merger. The company acquired Land rover and Jaguar which retained ultimate competitive advantage to it (Krishnan, Ravi, 2008).
Another core competency is location of the Tata Motors. Being operated in India gives Tata motors an opportunity to understand the market needs and requirements fully and manufacture products accordingly. The labour costs are also greatly reduced by operating in India where low-wages helped organisation to source 97% components in India. The production of high-volume part is expensive and difficult but Tata Motors enjoyed the advantage of its location thus achieving greatest competitive advantage over its global competitors.
To further identify and assess competitive advantages that Tata Motors would enjoy in automobile industry, it is first required to overview the competitive environment it is surrounded by. The increasing and Aspirational middle and working class of India desire to have cheap and affordable vehicles. To bring the joy of motoring to millions of individuals and to target potential customers, Tata Motors came with their Nano cars. It was only possible by studying and tracing the

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