Essay Task Centered Approach in Social Work

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The purpose for this assignment is to highlight the main features of one social worker method. Within this essay, I will include social work intervention prior to the introduction of task-centred practice. This will provide an insight in to why task-centred methods were introduced. I will also portray the strengths and weaknesses of task-centred practice. The essay will also depict the underlying theory that underpins task-centred practice in relation to social work. I will endeavour to critically analyse the effectiveness of this approach. I will then compare this approach with crisis intervention and provide an analysis of the similarities between them. Throughout this assignment I will incorporate anti-discriminative and anti-oppressive …show more content…
section 47 of the Children Act 1989, implemented in 1990. CHECK M. Payne (1997) states that “ task-centred work is concerned with problems that: · Clients acknowledge or accept;
· Can be resolved through actions taken outside contacts with workers;
· Can be defined clearly;
· Come from things that clients want to change in their lives;
· Come from ‘unsatisfied wants’ of the client rather than being defined from outsiders”

However, in some circumstances, the client may be reluctant to participate. This may be due to court proceedings, in which the client has little choice, but to adhere to the conditions of the court, or face prosecution. Under these circumstances, the client may accept the situation but may be reluctant to acknowledge or participate in the process, M. Payne (1997). If this situation arises then a task-centred approach may be futile and another approach such as person-centred may be more appropriate (Dole & Marsh 1992). A client may also appear reluctant to participate due to their preconceptions and ideologies about social workers. We would also have to take into consideration the individual attitude of the social worker. If the social worker appears abrupt, defensive or portrays signs of power then the client may also be reluctant. Social workers also need to be aware of their own feelings and underlying prejudices and values before attempting to explore the

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