Target Corporation : Marketing Strategy Essay

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Target Corporation – Marketing Strategy
Product and Price The Target Corporation strives to provide the customer with an exceptional shopping experience by consistently providing quality discount goods and services. All stores sell general merchandise – items that a shopper would use on a daily basis, such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, various electronics, and clothing, food, and services such as photography, eye care, pharmacy, and clinical. Types of food, merchandise, and services differ according to location and store type. Target strives to offer the lowest price for quality items ( Target often forms partnerships, with emerging designers and other businesses, to provide patrons with exclusive goods and services. Currently, the corporation has partnered with the companies Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and most recently CVS Health. The design brands Converse and Champion provide exclusive designs for Target stores. Isaac Mizrahi – a well know designer in the fashion industry – has produced several clothing articles that are exclusive to the Target Corporation (
The main form of product distribution is the Target storefront. There are currently four different styles of stores, general Target, Super Target, CityTarget, and Target Express. General Target stores offer affordable pricing for everyday commodities and services, as well as a modified selection…

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