Tanglewood Case Study Essay

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Staffing Strategies
In reviewing Tanglewood case study 1, we evaluate all aspects of the company in order to determine which strategic staffing decision would potentially be suitable for meeting the organizations goals and staffing requirements. They’re 13 different staffing strategies which are distributed into two categories. Each one of the strategies is designed in a format of this one verses that one concept, making it so one would decide which would be best suited for the company. The two strategic staffing decision categories are staffing levels and the other is staffing quality. Staffing levels consist of : Acquire or develop talent, Hire yourself or outsource, external or internal hiring, core or flexible workforce, hire or
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Then this would just create a domino effect that then they quit and then the company needs to hire for that spot but yet they cannot keep the turnover rate low. This will create major issues not only for the company for the customer service as well. It is important to maintain a balance between the hiring process and retaining process. Recommendation for Tanglewood is to maintain a high level of standard when hiring individuals and not to just higher to fill a slot.
When debating to go national or global, Tanglewood would be best to go global, because they have their distinctive outdoors theme. By going global, it would allow them to find outside vendors for their products and allow the company to have more options when shopping instead of limiting themselves to one seller and or buyer in the end.
Choosing on if they should attract or relocate can be a big decision. For Tanglewood it would be best to be located in an area most suitable for their type of customers. This would allow the company to have a better opportunity of attracting the right type of employee that would desire to work there and the right type of customer to shop there.
In the economy that we are in right now, choosing to be overstaffed or understaff can be a major business decision to make. It would be recommended that Tanglewood stay at a fully staffed to slightly

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