Essay on Tanglewood Case #3

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Tanglewood is a chain of general retail stores featuring items such as clothing, appliances, electronics, and home decor. The company operates in the moderate price niche, targeting middle- and upper-income customers. Tanglewood’s strategic distinction is an “outdoors” theme, with a large camping and outdoor living section in every store. The store also distinguishes itself by its simple, elegant, and uncluttered design concepts for the store and their in-house products (Kammeyer-Mueller 2009).
Identification of business strategy/goals
The company’s specific niche is similar to that occupied by Kohl’s or Target, appealing to middle- and upper-income consumers looking for convenience and reasonable prices. This
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The first nine decisions pertain to staffing levels and the last four decisions pertain to staffing quality (Heneman III and Judge 2009). In the following paper, each of the staffing decisions will be discussed for Tanglewood and recommendations will be made as to which choice is best for the company.
Staffing Levels
Acquire or develop talent
Tanglewood should definitely lean towards developing talent. The company has a very strong culture and developing talent from within will help the company to maintain its core values. Tanglewood already has the developing talent philosophy by welcoming suggestions from all workers in order to improve the company. Workers are already put in the mode of thinking about management and all aspects of the company. This approach will allow the company the chance to mold people into what they need them to be within the company. In addition, anyone that displays management potential who does not have retail experience is required to work as an associate to understand what tasks the people they will manage perform on a daily basis. This provides a better understanding of what is done at all levels of the company.
Hire Yourself or Outsource
Because of emphasis on maintaining a certain corporate culture, Tanglewood should definitely perform most of the hiring functions themselves. The only time that an outside source should be used is when

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