Tanglewood Case 3 Essay

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Employing state job services
Employing a staffing agency (StoreStaff)
Staff members involved:
V.P. Human Resources
Staffing Services Director
HR Recruiting Manager
HR Selection Manager
Potential peers
$2,000 - $6,000
Promotion from within is a very important aspect of Tanglewood. All employees start out as store associates. Therefore, Tanglewood must attract the top talent at the store associate level so they can promote them to higher level positions. The best candidates for Tanglewood to target are high school seniors and college freshman. This is because then Tanglewood will be able to train and develop the talents which they wish these individuals to posses. This will also promote brand loyalty because the
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Tanglewood gives both agencies the KSAO’s they are seeking for, and then the agencies return candidates whom they believe would be a good fit for the position. Since these agencies return only candidates who posses certain KSAOs, this is a targeted recruiting strategy for Tanglewood to use. When using these methods Tanglewood is able to ensure that all candidates that come forward will posse the KSAOs needed to succeed in that position.
Apendix B Western Washington uses four different types of recruiting methods; media, referrals, kiosks, and job service to recruit employees. Referrals cost western Washington the most money however, they are Western Washington’s most important method of recruiting. This is the strongest method of recruiting for Tanglewood for two reasons. The first reason is that it is Western Washington’s number one source of hired applicants. The second is that it has a very high percentage of applicants who are still with the company after one year. Since Tanglewood emphasizes promotion it is extremely important that they retain employees. Another method which should be important to Western Washington is job services. Although these services provide a significantly smaller number of hired employees, they have a high one year retention rate. Eastern Washington uses only three types of recruiting methods; media, referrals, and kiosks to recruit employees. Although referrals

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