Tanglewood Case 1 Essay

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Staffing Levels
Acquire or Develop Talent * Acquire internally, because Tanglewood's success is due entirely to its strong culture. * By acquiring external talents, Tanglewood would safe on the development costs, however, they would not be aware of Tanglewood’s culture. * Internal staff would have already integrated with the company’s culture and hence will inculcate a sense of belonging in the company, leading to higher commitment levels. * This is especially so for the managerial levels : regional manager, store manager and assistant store manager.

Hire Yourself or Outsource * Hire yourself, because the characteristics and traits an individual possess
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Hire or Retain * Retain. Since a core workforce is essential for the organization, Tanglewood should definitely retain. * It is definitely more beneficial for the organization to retain its employees as this would assist in building a strong organization culture. Having replaced its employees on a frequent basis certainly would not help Tanglewood cultivate a strong culture. * Also, by retaining its employees help save recruitment costs.

National or Global * A mixture. Tanglewood can offshoring some of its operations in another country since it has stores out of America as well. * Also, this would help save costs as it would cheaper to manufacture goods or provide services in developing countries such as India and China. However, a quality check would be needed to ensure the quality of the products made.

Attract or Relocate * Attract. There is no need for Tanglewood to relocate as there is ample supplies of labour. * This would help in cost saving too.

Overstaff or Understaff * Overstaff. I think it would be safer for Tanglewood to overstaff than understaff because during peak seasons, the stores would be crowded with shoppers and by understaffing would create a bad impression on the shoppers. * Alternatively, Tanglewood can understaff but adjust staffing level demand spikes by increasing employee overtime or using flexible staffing

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