TED Talk, The Key To Success: The Success Of Having Grit

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Success of Having Grit

When it comes to the strength of a character, a word that comes to mind is grit. “Grit” can be a combination of passion, resilience, determination, and focus which then allows the person to to persevere in their own goals even when they see failure. As Angela Lee Duckworth says in her TED Talk, The Key to Success ? Grit, “Grit is like living life like a marathon, not a sprint”. Duckworth,a former teacher and psychologist, notes that in terms of education, the biggest thing that keeps students and others trying to learn is grit. Everyone is accountable for their own future. They need to be self motivated. It is not up to anyone else but themselves. There will be struggles but in the end, the outcome of their grit
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In Learning to Read, for Malcolm, before he was incarcerated, the only knowledge he knew was from the street and from his Islam teacher, Mr. Elijah Muhammad. But knowing that he had limitations, Malcolm took it upon himself to take advantage of his time in prison by filling his spare time to go to the library to read and then to later realize that he did not have much to go on. With his bad grammar and a low vocabulary, Malcolm couldn’t fully comprehend what he was reading and was unable to write clearly. So with his own motivation and grit, he took it upon himself to read the dictionary and also copy it down word for word. He did this to have more words in his vocabulary, but as well as to improve on his …show more content…
Sedaris was an American, who moved to Paris to learn the language. He took a class to help him but it wasn’t like any ordinary class. He had to perform in this class which made him very nervous. Also the teacher was intense. He mentions “she hadn’t yet punched anyone,but it seemed wise to protect ourselves against the inevitable”(Sedaris 343). Being in fear made it difficult for him and his classmates to learn. He didn’t think he’d ever learn or even understand the language. But that did not stop him from not going to class. He still had the will to learn French. He didn’t drop the class instead he stuck with it especially since his main goal of going to Paris was to learn the language. He was determined. It wasn’t until his teacher insulted him that he was finally able to understand, for the first time, every word that was being said to him. “Understanding doesn’t mean that you can suddenly speak the language. Far from it. It’s a small step, nothing more, yet its rewards are intoxicating and deceptive” (Sedaris 344). Sedaris now knew that he was able to understand the language. That with the hardships he had to encounter with his teacher, it eventually paid off in the

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