T-Cell Reprogramming Essay

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I strongly believe that genetically modified cancer treatment through T-cell reprogramming can be exemplified as human beings taking the next step to beat cancer for good. It is a new way in which cancer can be eradicated from the human system, and it has proven to be better than chemotherapy, thus I’m in full support of this topic.

Some of the terms in the topic may be clear and others may not. Genetic modification is related to the modification and manipulation of an organism to change its composition. This manipulation can be used to change organisms to become improved versions of themselves. T-cells are subtypes of white blood cells that exist within our bodies. These cells usually fight against viruses and other bacteria that infect our bodies. However, the major problem is that these T-cells do not fight cancer. Therefore, T-Cell reprogramming was discovered to help our immune system counteract cancer cells that infect our bodies. Even though the process is still in its research phase, it has shown unprecedented success. The reprogramming is considered to be categorised
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Granted that there are a few that have survived and beat cancer, I still believe that this percentage of people is very low of the total number of people that get cancer. Genetic modification of white blood cells essentially brings us closer to the final goal. There has only been one other treatment for cancer and that revolves around chemotherapy. Through a 5 year study period by Sydney cancer research, it was discovered that chemotherapy has seen success rates of only a mere 2% and also shows that there exists signs of increased chemical toxicity and nerve damage throughout the body, as stated by (Ralph. W 2008), therefore it can be said that the only treatment available has been barely successful in achieving its goal. So, this new treatment has the potential to revolutionise cancer treatment amongst individuals that get this

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