Transatlantic Slave Trade Dbq Outline

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How did the Transatlantic Slave Trade lead to the systemic racism that still exists today?

DBQ Outline:


Divided Thesis: The majority of Europeans thought that the Africans were less than human, therefore this led to the colonization and the systemic racism that exists today

Body Paragraph: 1

Point: The Europeans thought of the Africans as pawns to complete their work and fulfill their needs for slaves

Evidence 1: (((9nnjjhbh
(Thomas Wallace Knox The Boy Travelers on the Congo 1888.)

Commentary 1:
The Africans were captured then transported to work as slaves. The europeans did not want to do this work, so they enslaved africans to do it for them.

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This established a racial hierarchy where the lighter skinned race is higher than those of a darker skin.
Commentary 2:
This racial hierarchy still exits today in many peoples minds such as normal citizens and police officers. This idea of race affects the everyday life of every single person in the U.S. or even the world.

Evidence 2:
Today, White Supremacist nativism has claimed lives and eaten away at civil rights for brown people. Before 7 year old Aiyana Stanley-Jones received a bullet from police officer’s pistol due to the military-style over-policing of African Americans”(

Commentary 1:


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