Essay on Systemic And Systematic Oppression Of Society

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Merriam-Webster defines desire as followed: desire /dəˈzī(ə)r/ verb 1 to wish or long for; crave; want. 2 to express a wish to obtain; ask for; request. Desire is a very strong word for me. Not in the sense that it is hard to understand, but in the sense that it holds a lot of meaning. Personally, I desire a lot of things—stability, love, education. However, what I desire out of society is in a whole other ballpark. Systemic and systematic oppression still runs deep in the roots of our society, and my desire is for those oppressions to vanish. I know that sounds very farfetched and highly unlikely anytime soon, but I can dream. This implausible desire for society to provide equitability to everyone comes from the oppressions that I have faced my entire life.
While the struggle has been real for me, I do understand that I hold many privileges that have gotten me far in life; however, I believe it isn’t those privileges that have made me who I am. It is my oppressions that have helped me overcome, learn, educate, and grow. I want a society where low-income household students won’t have to come out of college with large debt. That is setting them up for failure before starting. I want a society where people do not have to hide their identity in fear of being ridiculed, disowned, or killed. I want a society where a person of color doesn’t have to worry about walking down the street because the police and justice systems are set up to profile and make people of…

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