Symptoms Of Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay

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Approximately twenty-five to thirty percent of those who have experienced a traumatic event will proceed to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (Fry, 2016). Those who have experienced a traumatic event and developed PTSD continue reliving it to an extent in which it interferes with their lives. The symptoms of the disorder affect the person’s life by interfering with daily activities and personal relationships with friends and family. There is a variety of causes behind the development of the disorder and range from biological components to sociocultural elements. Genetics, evolution, gender, living location, education, and income level can all be important factors that could make a difference between someone who develops PTSD after trauma and someone who does not. Because the disorder is psychological, the primary treatments available are medication and psychotherapy.
“In PTSD, a patient who has been exposed to a traumatic event experiences a set of symptoms such as intrusive memories of the event, avoidance of situations reminiscent of the event, and excessive physiological arousal” (Lilienfeld, 2014). Reexperience is a symptom of PTSD and it occurs when the traumatic event is replicated through memories, flashbacks, or nightmares; increased arousal is another symptom that is characterized by irritability, detachment, and aggression (Piotrowski, 2016). Avoidance can interfere with routines or common activities because the victims evade the place where the event happened…

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