Symptoms And Treatment Of Suffering Pain Essay

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I am one who is no stranger to pain. Before the age of thirteen, I had suffered through being struck by a car, contusions and lacerations from childhood play, raw physical abuse, manipulative mental abuse, and continuous sexual abuse. I had been neglected while living in a house that sold illegal narcotics. I had survived a drug raid and spent a short time in foster care. I have suffered much from the hands of others and from my uncoordinated self. Yet, with each trial conquered, I added another building block to my wall of strength. Whether inflicted by natural causes or by man, pain is necessary for human growth. Through pain, humans continuously learn new levels of endurance. Suffering pain creates a frame of reference in the development of empathy and compassion. Furthermore, pain can possibly pave a way for spiritual growth, if humans choose to take that path. Before reaping the benefits, humans must first undergo the test of pain.
With each tribulation, the resilience of pain grows. Before this notion can be discussed, the concept of pain must be explored. In The Problem of Pain, C. S. Lewis (1944) categorizes pain in two senses “A. A particular kind of sensation, probably conveyed by specialised nerve fibres, and recognisable by the patient as that kind of sensation whether he dislikes it or not” and “B. Any experience, whether physical or mental, which the patient dislikes.”(p. 87) Lewis further explains “all Pains in sense A become Pains in B if they are raised…

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