Essay on Symptoms And Treatment Of Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain is an issue of concern especially among elderly individuals. There are several potential causes for chronic pain, and at times some pain relieving medication may be ineffective, or contraindicated in the elderly. The elderly population is also susceptible to chronic pain due to the fact that they are vulnerable to numerous degenerative disorders. For example, the patient that will be assessed in the paper has osteoarthritis. The disturbances are associated with joint stiffness and pain (Goldring, 2011). In cases when the vertebral column is involved, the individual is vulnerable to nerve entrapment and the development of polyradiculopathy (Goldring, 2011).
Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease (DJD) is a nonsystemic, noninflammatory, progressive disorder of movable joints associated with aging and accumulated trauma and it is the most common form of arthritis. It is characterized by ulceration of articular cartilage, leaving the underlying bone exposed.
There are two kinds of osteoarthritis primary and secondary. With primary osteoarthritis is usually associated with wear and tear of the knee joints, hip, wrist, hands, and it can occur unilaterally in one or more joints. Secondary osteoarthritis is associated with trauma in one or two joints, the knees in particular. Also with secondary osteoarthritis major weight bearing, distal interphallangeal joints, and cervical spine are most often affected. The development of the disease is slow and…

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