Symptoms And Treatment Of Children Essay

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From K.M.’s Perspective
For K.M., growing up with a father who was suffering from a physically and mentally debilitating disease was difficult. During school, K.M. often felt nervous that other people would judge her father due to his uncontrollable symptoms. Almost four years later, after K.M. graduated from high school, she married L.M. During their wedding, R.M. had taken an extra dose of his Parkinson’s medication so that he could walk K.M. down the isle and be able to take part in the father-daughter dance. Although the medications had kept his symptoms under control for the wedding, the crash from taking the extra medication had made him feel very sick.
By the time K.M. and L.M. had their first child, R.M.’s Parkinson’s disease had significantly progressed. The severe tremors due to his worsening condition meant R.M. could not hold his grandchild, as it was a risk to the baby. Time passed and it became difficult for R.M.’s grandchildren to understand his speech or interact with him normally. It was stressful for K.M. once R.M. was placed in a long-term care facility. Bringing two small children in to visit and being on the lookout to make sure her children were behaving and not touching things they shouldn’t be was difficult. Throughout the interview process, a circular question that was used, that was directed towards K.M., was “how did your fathers illness impact your mom while she was in the process of working and raising children?” The use of this circular…

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