Dementi The Cause And Causes Of Parkinson's Disease

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This essay is about Parkinson’s disease and dementia. My grandfather was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and within a year developed dementia that sometimes goes along with Parkinson’s. I was part of his “Care Team”. Although he lived with the disease for six years and I saw the way it progressed and how it affected him, my family never really knew why or how it was happening. The following information will discuss the reasons for Parkinson’s disease and how the disease progresses. Parkinson’s Disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder and affects more than 10 million people worldwide including age, sexes, races, and cultures. (Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, Statistics on Parkinson’s). The causes are unknown and the research for the causes and cure are ongoing. Information from The National Parkinson’s Foundation (NPF) says that most of the people with Parkinson’s are diagnosed in their early 60’s. There are people diagnosed earlier with “early onset Parkinson’s. “Two percent of the …show more content…
(Parkinson’s Disease Foundation: “What is Parkinson’s Disease?”) The symptoms include memory loss, change in motor skills and communication. People with dementia experience psychological changes which affect their daily lives as well as those of their families and caretakers. These changes (or symptoms) can include mood swings from happy to sad to angry for no apparent reason; watching a TV show or hearing something on the radio and thinking it is your real life; seeing things, people and situations that are not there. Memory is affected; a person with dementia might recall a situation from 60 years ago, but not what happened 30 minutes ago. They don’t always recognize their family and caretakers that are with them daily. Because of these changes, they often feel frightened, threatened and can sometimes become combative. (“Dementia”

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