Essay on Symptoms And Treatment Of Chemotherapy

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Chemotherapy Imagine what the world would be like if chemotherapy did not exist. Millions of people are diagnosed with cancer each year. If chemotherapy had not been invented the medical field would be much different. Patients diagnosed would have shorter lives and their lives would be much more uncomfortable. Without chemotherapy treatment the mortality rate of cancer patients would be much higher. While people know about the effectiveness and side effects of chemotherapy, they may not know how important chemotherapy really is to the treatment of cancer. Chemotherapy allows patients a better opportunity to live longer with less pain, despite its many side effects. The purpose of chemotherapy is to attack cancer cells. However, it also kills good cells, which is why patients sometimes lose their hair. Most of the time, chemotherapy slows the growth of cancer cells, but combined with other drugs, it may lead cancer into remission. Cancer has always been linked with fear and death, mostly because of its complexity and mysterious nature. During the early part of the nineteenth century, a common equation was cancer equals death. Even when people had symptoms, they were hesitant to go to the doctor because they thought there was nothing that doctors could do anyways. Many people were reluctant to share information about a family member or themselves having cancer because they felt like they would be considered outliers. They felt as though it would bring their…

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