Essay on Symptoms And Treatment Of Acne

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Summary of Case Study One of the major issues of many teenagers face is fitting in. he last thing they would want to experience is to lose that confidence because of an unfortunate condition such as breakouts or acne. Especially when they already feel that they are now independent. Unfortunately, Danny is one of these teenagers who are experiencing the problem.

Background of case study disease

Acne is the occurrence of sebum oil mixed with dead cells from the sebaceous gland of the skin that clogs the skin pores. The main cause of acne is the changing hormone level during puberty, which explains why this condition is mostly prevalent among the adolescents population. When the gland does its job of producing oils to protect the skin and keep it moist, it’s also exposed to dead cells and this causes the bacterial growth. There are different categories for classifying acne, whether by size or severity. Pimples are then classified the mild and less painful form of acne. These are the common red raised bumps that are seen on a person’s face. Blackheads, on the other hand, are also form of acne that is not caused by bacteria, these are the black dots that are often seen on the nose area. This occurs when dead cells and oil are trapped but finds its way to the surface of the skin, and is exposed to air. Nonetheless, both are not different from acne, rather, are a form of acne rupture that is mainly caused by clogged pores. The exact cause of acne is not known, but…

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