Symptoms And Symptoms Of Depression Essay example

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Down in the Dumps Everyone has had their days where they have felt sadness, despair or even hopelessness, but the feeling of depression is more than those emotions. Depression, unlike sadness, is a severe mental illness that can be accompanied by feelings like despondency and guilt, that can exceed for long periods of time. There are many causes and combinations to depression like a person’s genetics or psychological features, a person’s environment, and many more factors that can lead to a person feeling depressed, or being depressed for excessive amounts of time. Just like there are many reasons to become depressed, there are multiple types of depression ranging from mild depression and to severe types that affect people in different ways and at different times. With any illness comes symptoms, and having depression can cause mental symptoms like feeling more fatigued or lonely just to list a few, while on the other hand the physical symptoms of being depressed can cause weight gain or loss and many more physical changes to the body besides just appearance. Depression is a medically diagnosed mental illness that can vary in different degrees, and can affect a person’s mental and physical abilities. Depression, just like any mental disorder, can happen to anyone and is caused by many factors attributing to a person’s life and with those attributes, that can determine how severe the depression may be. Depression is a disorder that affects the brain by the imbalance of…

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