Essay on Symptoms And Diagnosis Of Schizophrenia

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Symptoms and Diagnosis
The general symptoms of Schizophrenia include: positive, negative and cognitive symptoms, according to the National Institute of Mental Health (2016). Positive symptoms include behaviors and actions that are not normal in healthy people, such as hallucinations, thought disorders, delusions, and movement disorders (NIMH, 2016). “Negative symptoms are associated with disruptions to normal emotions and behaviors” (NIMH, 2016). A person that exhibits behaviors such as the flat affect, which is little emotion in the face or voice, reduced pleasure in everyday life, has a difficult time beginning or continuing activities, and less speaking, is considered to be showing negative symptoms (NIMH, 2016). Cognitive symptoms for some Schizophrenic patients are less obvious than others. Severe cases of cognitive symptoms include trouble focusing or paying attention, poor executive functioning (problem solving), and problems with their working memory (NIMH, 2016).
In teens, the first recognizable changes could be change in friends, drop of grades, sleep problems, and irritability. Significant symptoms, called the “prodromal period” or the “pre-psychotic stage”, is when a teen isolates oneself, withdraws from others, and has increased unusual thoughts and suspicions. Often, the signs of schizophrenia start between the ages of 16-30. Hallucinations and delusions are usually the first symptoms to be noticed. Schizophrenia is most common and appears earlier in males,…

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