Symbols Of War In 'The Morally Injured'

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The Curses of War There are many intimations and reasons as to why war is a curse some of those are found in “The Morally Injured” by Tyler Boudreau, “A Separate Peace” by John Knowles and the Odyssey by Homer. For example, war is a curse because it haunts soldiers with painful experiences. This is seen in “The Morally Injured” by Tyler Boudreau when he says “Since the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, there’s been...“invisible wounds of war…Thousands of veterans…in a state of mental collapse… addicted to drugs or alcohol… unable to face their nightmares any longer, have resorted, desperately to suicide” (Boudreau 1-2). Through this description it is known that war is a curse because veterans from the war have been haunted by the painful experiences. It is also gotten worse than …show more content…
This intense hatred is essential so that soldiers can kill their enemy. Earlier on in the story in “A Separate Peace” Gene accuses Finny of not having this hatred and so therefore wouldn’t be able to kill the enemy. War is a curse because it has people develop hatred for other people. This hatred could cause a deadly effect on many people. Furthermore, war is a curse because it separates people from their family even if those people are civilians. An example of this is seen in the Odyssey, by Homer when Homer says “Going forward,/ he kissed the young man’s hands/… while his own tears brimmed and fell/ think of a man whose dear and only son,/ born to him in exile, reared with labor,/ has lived ten years abroad and now returns:/ how would that man embrace his son/” (Homer 946-952). Odysseus is seeing his son, Telemachus, for the first time but can’t embrace his son because it would blow his cover as a beggar. Odysseus has been separated from his family for twenty years. Through this example it is shown that war is a curse because it separates people from their family. Through the intimations and descriptions given by Homer, John Knowles and Tyler Boudreau it is obvious

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