Symbolism, Irony, And Irony Essay

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Many of the stories we read include a lot of symbolism and irony to explain the story better and with more explanation to get the bigger picture. In literature we use many literary techniques.They can use many things to describe or use symbolism. Such as, a piece of jewelry , piece of antique or a certain color, etc. There are many things you can use to represent symbolism through a story. Irony is also most commonly used in many stories. It can a lot of meaning to a certain specific thing or object that can be seen and thought of as trash or useless. They may use
Dramatic Irony, Situational Irony, and Verbal Irony. There are many different variety of ironies. For example, Situational Irony is when a bad tragedy has occurred and the person may seem happy or not sad. That is ironic because one should feel sad or depressed and he or she is doing the opposite. Another example is Dramatic Irony, which is when someone or something is being exaggerated or very dramatica towards a situation that should not be impacted that way. Verbal Irony, is one a person might say or express something but means the total opposite of the meaning.
In “The Story of an Hour”, Mrs. Mallard was told her husband had passed away in a tragic accident. Doctors and family members are concerned that her having heart trouble will impact on her health problems and may cause harm to her. At last
Alvarez 4 having to break the news to her was not what everyone quite thought. She seemed happy which was very…

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