Symbolism In Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

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“Free! Body and soul free” (66)! This flashy quote helps to demonstrate the symbolization of a woman who just experienced her most triumphant victory over her oppressor. With her “body and soul free” (66), she is expressing just how great of an oppression that had consumed her soul. In “Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin, which represents the element of symbolism through seasons, freedom, and death to convey a message of the oppression of a woman’s soul.

The seasons play an important role in setting up for the freedom aspect of the story, but it still plays into its own by being able to become symbols through the use of spring and summer. “She could see in the open square before her house the tops of trees that were all aquiver with the new
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The first symbol being “No; she was drinking in a very elixir of life through that open window” (66), and this being able to paint a picture of how she feels about her husband’s death. The imagery with the combination of this being a symbol helps to create a feeling of what her oppressor was doing. Another thing brought to life happens to be how she now feels a weight that has been lifted from her hard working soul. This also gives her a splash of fresh air to her as she now wants life to last longer and to enjoy every moment of it. This was portrayed through the way she was reacting when she sat in the chair taking in all of the lovely sight outside of the window. Another one is how she was wanting the moment to last longer because she was supposed to be the grieving wife, but in all honesty she was invigorated by the window which gave her a glimpse of freedom. Next example is when “She said in over and over again under her breath: Free, free, free” (66)!, which reinforces the conclusion that she felt like a prisoner in her own home where one should feel the most comfortable. She was indeed a prisoner in her own home to the oppressor known as her husband and what reinforces that are the words she says “Free, free, free!” The other thing is how she sat there just reciting the words without

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