Response To Kate Chopin's 'The Story Of An Hour'

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“The Story of an Hour” Task Review

My initial thoughts in Kate Chopin’s, “The Story of an Hour” was of great interest. I have previously not read any of Chopin’s work, or even heard her name. The story starts off with a very sad undertone of the death of her husband. But as it progresses, Mrs. Mallard comes to realize that the death of her husband means the rebirth of her own life. Her secrecy around this revelation shows the signs of the times and relationship she had. And then there is a very dramatic and suspenseful end as her husband walks through the door, she collapses and dies (Chopin, 1984). The tone of the story changes quite rapidly for such a short story. The reason why I chose this story was the fact that it was written by a female and had a female as the main character. For so long, men had been the ones who were publishing stories and women were
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It gave her peers the ability to see themselves in her work and have the strength to grow themselves. I found that knowing the story of the author and their life brings about new meaning to their writing. I have a new respect for Chopin as a writer and as a woman. Her writings will forever convey and give a real-life perspective to a time in history when life was different than it is now. That really is what writing and history is all about, finding a correlation and understanding for those that came before you. I am glad I chose to read, “The Story of an Hour” and research Chopin. Works Cited
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