Summary And Symbolism In Pepe's Flight

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1.Symbolism is a big part of the short story Flight. The entire story leads up to the death of Pepe which symbolizes that he has entered man hood. In the Bloom article it says “No longer able to run, he stands high on top of a rock and faces his pursuers’ bullets head on. Thus, according to the precepts of his family and his culture, Pepe dies a “man” (Werlock).
2.Death has a significant role in this story. Pepe father died when he accidently fell on a rattle snake. This is significant because when Pepe is given his father’s belonging and the stuff is black. The color black represents death. In the article it has “Pepe now moves cautiously, accompanied by a host of death symbols, Louis Owens describes Pepe’s Flight as “both away from death
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(Owens extensively notes the symbols of death that Steinbeck uses in the creation of a “psychic waste land” (Bloom). Multiple black related thigs accrued in the story. The dark watchers watched Pepe as he …show more content…
On his journey to Monterey Pepe stopped off at Mrs. Rodriguez house where he began to drink wine and get drunk. While he was there Pepe got into an argument with another drunk man and Pepe told Mama that “The little quarrel the man started towed Pepe and then the knife it went almost by itself. It flew, it darted before Pepe knew it” (Steinbeck). Pepe does not take full responsibility for killing the man and suggested that the knife flew on its own. That is a sign of immaturity. After Pepe’s situation he runs away from his problems instead of facing them. “Even though she calls him her “poor little Pepe, “Mama and many of the critics believe maturity comes with the killing Pepe’s post-murder activity is still that of an adolescent.” (Bloom). Pepe really became when he faced his problems and accepted death. “Shots ring out, and Pepe dies like the man he has become. The earth reclaims him, as he falls into the valley below, and a small avalanche buries his head” (Werlock).
6.The theme of this short story is that manhood is achieved through actions not by age. Even though Pepe is nineteen years old he still acts like a child and does not fully achieve manhood until he owns up to his problems and faces the consequences like a man would do. Pepe saw himself as an adult already by drinking at Mrs.Rodreguz house. In the story it says, “The clothes make him appear to be an adult, but hi idea of maturity is very superficial” (Flight). As he faced adversity in the mountains he finally

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