Symbolism In Fences

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Fences In the play write Fences it examines the worldview of African-Americans during the nineteen-fifty’s. The title reflects not only the physical fence portrayed in the play itself, but is also a symbolic metaphor for the fences the main character Troy builds between himself and others in his life. Characters such as his son Cory, his wife Rose and his brother Gabe are some of the individuals in Troy’s life whom he has built these invisible fences around. Cory is Troy’s son, a star on his high school football team who was offered a sports scholarship for college and has requested that his father speak to the athletic recruiter to which he rejected. This is one of the first examples of fences between Troy and his son. While Troy appears to want what’s best for his son by encouraging and emphasizes the importance of gaining a practical skill set, Cory on the other hand only wants what he believes is best for him, which is football (pg.17). Another example of a fence that stands between Troy and his son is at the end of the play when Troy is finally challenged in the yard with the baseball bat by his son to which he is able to overpower (pg. 41). This fence becomes apparent in this scene when the audience is able to realize that Cory no longer …show more content…
One of the more powerful fences seen in this play is one between Tory and Rose when he confesses his affair with another woman. After Troy explains the enjoyments of this other woman, Rose goes on to criticize Troy for wanting these enjoyments when Rose herself explains she had given up so much personal growth for her marriage and goes on to ranting about how she also had hopes and dreams of her own that were no longer in reach due to her marriage with Troy (pg.33). The fence here becomes apparent when Rose makes the statement that while Troy gives he also takes as well which Troy reacts violently to which results in grabbing Rose’s wrist and Cory having to

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