Themes Of Missing The Mark

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Duties and Responsibilities “Missing the Mark”
Many of the causes which formed Troy Maxson into the dishonest person he is in August Wilson’s play, “Fences”. Troy had an unpleasant childhood in which he grew up with a very abusive father, who not only beat him on a daily basis, but also his mother deserted him at the age of eight years old. In the play, Troy lies habitually and tries to cover himself by accusing others of the same act of lying. His dream of becoming a major league baseball player was crushed as a result of his time spent in jail. By the time he was released from jail, he was too old to play baseball efficiently. This paper will deal with how Troy “misses the mark” at times, while assuming responsibilities through his deceitful
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In Act Two, scene two, when he told Rose about his affair with Alberta, he used baseball analogies to explain himself to her. “I stood on first base for eighteen years and I thought…well, goddamn it…go on for it!” (60). Rose is clearly fed up with Troy and his lies and constructions. “We’re not talking about baseball! We’re talking about you going off to lie in bed with another woman… and then bring it home to me. That’s what we’re talking about. We ain’t talking about no baseball!” (60). Troy stubbornly made up excuses and said that it is Alberta 's fault that he got involved with her because she couldn 't let him go. He doesn’t accept responsibility for his mistake of cheating on his wife. He also never apologized to Rose for cheating on her. Troy makes himself appear to be more of a polished, elegant gentlemen to Rose by formulating events from their past. Despite Troy’s attempts of romancing her, Rose knows better than to believe Troy’s dishonesty. In Act One, scene one, Troy tells the story of how he met Rose. ”Baby, I don’t wanna marry, I just wanna be your man” (33). Rose says, “Troy, you ought not talk like that. Troy ain’t doing nothing but telling a lie” (33). Troy tries to make himself appear more engaging than he really is. His lying makes him seem more polite than he really

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