Symbolism In Fahrenheit 451

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Register to read the introduction… It also is a source of creation. The creation spoken of is in the society of course. Fire creates the society that is wanted by whoever runs it. Fire makes people scared and because they are scared they follow the rules and conform. This is the fear from before. The fire in the form of destruction creates this fear and this creation is fire’s other meaning. Because of this fear, the moral is supported due to it being a part of that extreme future strategy that Bradbury uses. When Beatty shows up at Montag’s house this fear is shown when Montag begins “shivering” and is shown again when Mildred fears, “[He will] burn us and the books!”(Bradbury 67-68). When Beatty shows up, the reader can see the fear Montag and Mildred feel. Their reactions to the appearance of a fireman at their door shows how fear makes the people in this future behave how they are supposed to. The fireman being the source of fire scares them and helps form this obedient society. Bradbury shows some consequences of not fitting into this created society when: “Clarisse was gone” (Bradbury 32). This character vanishes and that is the result of her not being what society expected. Another look at fire can be taken from the disappearance of Clarisse as well. Montag goes through a change as the novel progresses and Clarisse is the spark that changes him. She makes him think differently than society has set out and this is what makes him change in the novel. She helps …show more content…
An example of one of these symbols is fire. Fire is used as both the creator and the destroyer in the book and is the most important symbol of all because of how often it appears. Bradbury uses this symbol and others to make the future seem bad and to try to make the audience want to change so the future changes as

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