Sybil Dissociative Fugue

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As you already know I am Sybil’s psychologist. I have been working closely with her for a period of almost a decade. You already know Sybil was clinically diagnosed with numerous psychological disorders in which required vigorous therapy. I however wanted to explain the events that had led up to my diagnosis and your rather sudden departure. When Sybil first came to see me she was unable to recall how she arrived here.

Earlier the same day Sybil had returned to her conscious self and awoken in a pond of water. This kind of behavior corresponds to a kind of Dissociative Disorder called Dissociative Fugue. Often people who experience Dissociative Fugue will suddenly leave work or home and are unable to recall how they got there. It is common
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I noticed upon my introduction to Sybil that she also seemed disturbed by my white lab coat. She demeanor then changed completely; it was as if she was a nine-year-old girl. Upon observing her behavior it was clear she was no longer Sybil. Once Sybil had displayed two or more distinct personalities I suspected I was dealing with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

As the session continued I also found further evidence of Dissociative Fugue. To Sybil a period of four hours had seemed to pass yet she had no recollection of entering the room or holding my hand. I learned from Sybil that was also experiencing flashbacks triggered by certain noises. Sybil was reliving moments triggered by a tragic event. With people who experience Post-traumatic Stress Disorder flashbacks and nightmares are extremely common.

I thought it has also important to note that in addition to the white lab coat; Sybil also despised disinfectant. Within a couple of weeks Sybil and her alternate personality had returned to my office. She told me she had no recollection of how long she has been there. To me this confirmed that Sybil was experiencing Dissociative Fugue. Sybil admitted she once experienced dissociative fugue for a period of two

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