Swot Analysis : Wal Mart Essay

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SWOT analysis denotes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to a business. This is a tool that locates a business in the environment on which it operates and both the internal and external capacities versus threats. All these factors are based on the business environment.
Wal-Mart identifies its brand name, its vast establishment, and resources, a large customer base, huge presence and excellent locations, a huge workforce with a wide range of skills and the latest online marketing among other as its main strengths. The main strength that stands out most is the inclusion of all income groups in the product and service line which enables every market segment to fit as a customer.
The low prices are value added by the capacity to bring together its huge size with speed and responsiveness to customer needs. Additionally, the company continues to enjoy a strong financial performance, which is an actor in enhancing a strong market presence. In turn, the retail giant reciprocates the presence with a good supply chain which is also one of its strengths.
Like any other business, Wal-Mart is vulnerable to weaknesses, which if not managed well; could easily turn into threats. The main weaknesses for Wal-Mart are the usage of fossil fuels, which is mainly used in transportation and heating/cooling systems. Another major area is poor or lack of coordination between the vast networks. Conflict of interests between employees and management in different…

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