Essay on Swot Analysis Of Goodlife Fitness And Fitness Company

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Goodlife fitness is a for- profit company and is the largest gym in the world privetly owned and operated by one person (CITATION). Goodlife is considered part of the service industry and is a health and fitness company. Goodlife’s core buisness provides a service that allows members to use their gym and equipment to exercise for 30$-60$ a month depending on locations and add-ons (CITATION). The secondary business provides personal training, physiotherapy, acupunture, massage therapy, chiropractor, orthopedic services, tanning, and towel service (CITATION).
David Patchell Evens started Goodlife in an 800 square foot space in London Ontario in 1979. Goodlife is now in 365 locations in Canada making it the largest gym in the country (CITATION). There are also 800 locations in North America and 71 countries around the world making it the 4th largest gym in the world (CITATION). Goodlife continues to grow at 20% annually and they plan on growing to 400 loacations in Canada and 1000 locations in North America by the end of the year (CITATION). Goodlife’s customers includes individuals looking for a gym where they can simply exercise to stay fit and healthy and individuals who are looking for physiotherapy, personal training, chirpopractic, acupunture, orthopedic services or massage therapy.
Goodlife has 14,400 business associates, 3000 corporate partners and 1,200,000 members (CITATION). It is a private company, so key financial data is hard to…

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