Swot Analysis Of Driveline

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up dates that impacted the vision and direction of the young company. Changes or updates throughout the rest of the week were mainly communicated via email.
As Driveline aged, the organizational framework evolved dramatically. The changes occurred gently in some areas, barely perceived by those being included in the early stages of the process. Other functions required a marked adjustment in the corporate culture to allow for expeditious flow of feedback between workers and executive teams. The transition was most easily envisioned by metaphorically comparing the growth of the company to that of a skyscraper being built: what began with a straightforward flat organizational structure, gradually built additional layers of participation, finally bringing the
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The inclusion of new roles and teams in guiding the vision of Driveline’s future forced a shift to the more fragmented and feedback based system academically identified by the abbreviation SWOT.
For Driveline the change w as a gradual shift of methodology, driven by inclusion and delegation, not a revolutionary epiphany accompanied by an official mandate. The transition was not all together holistic either. The company’s current operational framework is most closely aligned with a deviation know as TOWS. It embraces the same fundamental principles, but places an organizational priority on identifying and evaluating potential points of failure or threats to the stated mission of the group.
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