`` Sweat `` By Zora Neale Hurston Essay

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There are two significant components that make up the short story “Sweat", written by Zora Neale Hurston, that assist the reader in interpreting the character of Delia Jones. First and foremost, the use of biblical allusions exemplifies the morality matters present in the short story to the audience. At the start of the opening paragraph, the reader is made known how Delia is a God fearing woman, “Sunday night after church, she sorted them and put the white things to soak,” (Hurston 386). It is of little effort to indicate that religion and faith is a vital factor to Delia’s life. Another significant component of the story is the examination of both good and evil and the major role it plays in “Sweat”. When meticulously observing the good/evil aspects within the short story the audience is provided with key facts that give the story deeper meaning. Therefore, in Hurston’s short story she uses biblical allusion and good vs evil attributes to examine issues of gender and oppression (that Delia Jones endured), topics that were not openly discussed at that time.
Primarily, biblical allusions are a literary tool that authors use as a brief reference to a person or place from the Bible. When forming a biblical allusion in a piece of writing the purpose is to allows the reader to associate the character with one that is indeed familiar. In Hurston’s case the short story is set in Florida in the early 1900’s, where most woman were considered subservient to the male population. The…

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