Analysis Of Emotional Abuse In Sweat By Zora Hurston

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Marriage is an emotional connect that two of the different of the same gender have for each. Marriages are being recognized legally, religiously, and or socially. When abuse comes into the relationship the whole emotional connect goes out the window. Every relationship has problems but how a person deals with those problems is up to the person. Violence solves nothing in any situation. In "Sweat " Zora Hurston showed how different kinds of abuse may be shown. Emotional abuse deals with the mind and how someone feels about someone else, Financial abuse unwillingly getting money or not satisfied with ones job, Lastly Physical abuse physical contact with another person.
Emotional abuse is one of the three abuses that is not seeable, the person
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Physical abuse is the most unhealthiest abuse of them all, because if you have been abused or hit once it is most likely going to happen again. It is also the most hardest abuse that you may try to get away from. Most abusers would try and kill you before you try and leave because that may be putting their life on the line for going to jail. If a person have ever been emotionally abused then later on that emotional abuse may turn in to physical abuse quickly. Most abusers do not abuse just to do it there is usually a reason behind it all, so on page 706 of "Sweat" Delia struck a defensive pose with an iron skillet as if Sykes were going to strike her. My assumption she said or did something that made her think he were going to hit her or she is just tired of not being picked on and wants to fight back. While after Delia struck a defensive pose it also says that "Sykes did nothing he did not hit her like he usually do" (706 Hurston),Sykes could have been stunned at the fact that Delia threaten to hit him with a iron skillet. Sykes and Delia 's abusive relationship is all over there small little town, a group of men seating on a porch seen Delia coming and they just started talking about them. Elijah Mosely one of the guys on the porch stated " he done beat huh nough tuh kill three woman"( 707 Hurston). This is saying that Sykes has beaten Delia so much that its like killing three women, if Delia was beaten …show more content…
In 'Sweat" it seems kind of obvious that Sykes is the abuser and Delia is the victim. Sykes was not born to be come a abuser it all starts some where. Children learn a lot from their childhood whether is watching their father beat their mom or their father treat mom with no respect, a child that sees these types of things are more than likely to do the same exact thing in the future if they get no help. So Sykes may have experienced a bad childhood that makes him treat women the way that he

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