Essay about Sustainable Consumption And Production Patterns

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Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns is an essential goal in global environmental conservation and is therefore a crucial element to the sustainable development goals that are assumed to be attained by September of 2015.

Target Measurements

There are 8 subsidiary goals that each reinforce the development of this SDG. In my opinion, many of these targets are quite ambiguous; it would require more details in order to be achieved. Targets 12.2, 12.4, 12.5, 12.6, 12.7, are particularly obscure; they give a very broad description of the goal without providing conclusive forms of measurement. Furthermore, a vast majority, excluding target 12.3, cannot be quantified which makes it difficult to fully assess progress. Finally, these targets cannot be measured as efficiently in every part of the world; developing countries, compared to the highly industrialized countries, are not as capable, due to their lack of capital and sophistication advancement which would produce lower quality data, to determine their sustainable development progress. Despite previously mentioned setbacks, these targets give an effective understanding of the advancements needed to achieve SCP. There are some measurements that are currently used to monitor each of the 8 sustainable consumption and production subsidiary goals. Target 12.1 can effectively be measured by determining how many countries worldwide have SCP national action plans (Bizikova et al.). The next target, 12.2, can be…

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