Sustainable Aspects Of Marriott International Essay

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This paper will focus on the sustainable aspects of Marriott International, the issues this organization faces in its daily operations and with meeting ecological operations in around the world across all of their brands.
Marriott International is an iconic brand within the hospitality and tourism industry that includes 18 brands with nearly 4,000 properties around the world (, 2015). Marriott Corporation (became Marriott International in 1993) was founded by J. Willard and Alice Marriott in 1927 when they started a small root beer stand in Washington D.C. which developed into a chain of family restaurants by 1932, and they opened their first motel in 1957 (Wikipedia, 2015).
Tourism Operation
Marriott are leaders in hotel chains with some of the industry’s strongest environmental goals and initiatives. They have already accomplished many goals in making their brand more sustainable and setting the bar high for their competitors to meet up to. Marriott are proud members of TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Programme, and have nearly 50 percent of their U.S.A properties that have earned TripAdvisor GreenLeaders status to date ( '2014 Sustainability Report ', 2015).
The GreenLeaders Programme is a fairly new program that has been introduced into the hospitality industry by TripAdvisor. The program recognises hotels and other hospitality organizations that engage in environmentally friendly practices, so guests are able to identify green companies and book a…

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