Sustainability And The Global Economic Growth Essay

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Sustainability and hindsight
The regulatory, political solutions for growing most developed economy and out of debt has potential environmental ramifications. Especially in industrialized economy where the demand for growth and deficit has slightly put environmental concerns behind economic gains. The growth driven economic prosperity of countries has lead to academics to question the basis of sustainability and sustainable development which was popularised by the Brundtland 1987 report “Our Common Future”. In the article "Squaring the circle? Some thoughts on the idea of sustainable development", Robinson highlight the concern of the Brundtland report on sustainable development which is “centered on the argument presented in the Brundtland report that global economic product would have to increase 5–10-fold in order for sustainable development to be achieved” (Robinson 2004, 373). The Brundtland recommendation for the increase in global economic growth is what Robinsons and most sustainability advocate disagree with the report. However, in Robinsons and other critics of sustainable development view government lead growth initiative with suspicion as often the environment is less considered in favor of economic growth.

The current outputs of the global economic system have somehow been unsustainable. The global economic output takes environmental constrains less into consideration as demand for natural resources show trends that does not commensurate with scientific…

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