Susan J. Levesque 's ' The Article ' Toward Understanding Of Gender Differences

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In the article “Toward an Understanding of Gender Differences in Inferring Sexual Interest,” authors Maurice J. Levesque, Christopher S. Nave, and Charles A. Lowe discuss a very important issue with regards to gender interactions. The article depicts that research denotes that when there is a brief interaction between the opposite genders, the men tend to perceive the women more sexually compared to how women perceive the men. The article talks about how this was something that was largely anecdotal until 1982 when Abbey et al. conducted a research where she was able to find that men tended to rate women more sexually than women did men. The article describes several other stories that have confirmed the same. According to the authors, such oversexualization is something that can have a negative effect on people from the opposite gender interacting with each other. The main thing to note is that such perceptions can work to affect friendship between the men and the women, as well as contribute to and result in workplace sexual harassment. The authors note that for the most part, such aspects tend to have minor and trivial effects, such as people getting embarrassed or having resentment; however, in severe cases, they can also lead to many big problems, such as sexual assault and aggression. This is why the authors depict that it is extremely important to understand the oversexualization and how it can be understood properly. The article then describe the study in which men…

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