Essay on Susan Glaspell 's Trifles : Gender Conflict

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For a woman in the early 1900s, her role (for the most part) was immensely evident in that time period. She was to be the caretaker of the children, the one who slaved over the stove, and the one who kept the house neat and tidy. Since the man of the household was the one working, doing labor outside, and bringing in the income, women were looked at as inferior to the men. In Susan Glaspell’s Trifles, she brings light to some of the gender issues in her society, and shows the different ways of problem solving and thinking between men and women. The conflict in Trifles is derived from the expectations, criticism, and underestimation placed on women by the society (and especially men) in the early 1900s (or in this case the expectations for Mrs. Wright); and, the author shows this gender conflict by using symbolism and dialogue throughout the play. First of all, the expectations put on Mrs. Wright crippled her from leaving her broken home. It was not easy for a woman in the early 1900s to just leave her husband. It would also be hard for her to find a good job suited for a woman; therefore, she was stuck in her situation. The author even tells us through dialogue that “a [place would not] be any cheerfuller for John Wright’s being in it,” so we know that Mrs. Wright was most likely not happy in her situation, but then again, she had to live with it (Glaspell 604). Also, her entrapment is solidified through the symbolism of the bird. The canary was trapped in its cage (just…

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