Susan Glaspell 's A Jury Of Her Peers Essay

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Throughout the early 1900’s, women were viewed by society as inferior to men. Those of the female sex were expected to cook, clean, and only speak when spoken to. Susan Glaspell criticizes these concepts in one of the most well known forms of feminist literature, “A Jury of Her Peers”. The story’s central point focuses on the murder of John Wright committed by his wife Minnie as the Hales and the Peters investigate the crime scene. Despite the women finding valuable evidence substantiating the crime, their husbands viewed their discoveries as petty trifles that only women worry about. While some argue that Glaspell’s novel explores the idea that women were overlooked and dismissed by men in post-WWI times, and others suggest the story is a criticism of marriage, Glaspell’s description of both male condescension and abusive marriages amplifies why women faced systematic oppression due a male dominated society.
Throughout many centuries this assumed superiority, on part of the vast majority of men, resulted in the oppression of women. Susan Glaspell highlights this through her use of negative connotation and condescending dialogue. The story is told through Mrs. Hale’s third person limited point of view, giving the reader a look into the thought process that Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters have. Before the men begin their investigation, they let their wives know that if they find any clues to let them know because, “No telling; you women might come upon a clue to the motive…”…

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