Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, And Sojourner Truth

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Every day millions of American citizens wake up with rights to vote, own property, and are protected by the bill of rights. Unfortunately, Americans abuse that right which took so much hard work to be given to them. What these individuals do not know is how hard many activists worked to make these freedoms possible. In fact, Women in America were not allowed to vote until the 19th Amendment was ratified on August 18, 1920 (Cheyney 8). Throughout history many brave historical figures have stood up for freedom for all citizens in America. Among those many Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Sojourner Truth all greatly impacted America by contributing to human rights.
Susan B Anthony impacted human rights through her influential speeches
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Stanton met Susan B Anthony in 1852. That same year the two started collaborating. Typically, Stanton would write the speeches and Anthony would deliver them at meetings and conventions. Together the two of them made a great team and became some of the most influential activists in history. Throughout most of their career the two worked on various newspapers and books. Contrasting to most of her collaborative work being done with Susan B Anthony, one of the final writing pieces Stanton did was with her daughter. Together the wrote The Women’s bible which was released published in 1895. Subsequent to the first edition, the pair later wrote and released a second volume in 1898. This piece of literature examined religious writings and include and a woman 's perspective. The result of the Women’s Bible was many criticisms towards stanton, but also many changes in perspective and acceptance towards women in many religions (Mosko). Overall, Stanton contributed majority of her work to women’s rights contrasting to Sojourner Truth whose majority of her life was spent fending for women and civil …show more content…
The name Sojourner Truth is often associated with one of the most popular women 's rights speeches. The Ain 't I a woman speech was delivered by Sojourner Truth at the Ohio Women 's Rights Convention. This speech may be one of the most famous speeches that pushes for women’s rights. Truth gave this speech while touring around the country to fight for gender equality (Krass 1-8).Even though most of Truth’s work was for civil rights and helping free other fellow slaves, Truth still criticized many abolished for only caring for the freedom of black men and not white and black women. Truth gained a larger crowd after her speech at the Ohio Women’s Rights Convention and continued to speak throughout her lifetime ( editors “Sojourner Truth

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