Survival Is A State Of Mind Essay examples

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Yann Martel once said, “Survival is a state of mind”. In The Life of Pi, Yann Martel uses the theme of survival. Mans duality is demonstrated through facing his fears, psychological survival, and constructed reality.

At the beginning of the novel, Pi’s father instills a lesson is to be learned around big animals such as Bengal tigers. Pi’s father makes Pi and his older brother watch as a goat is thrown into the cage of the tiger as a meal. Growing up at the Pondicherry zoo, Piscine had a love for animals and found them so extraordinary. However as Pi watches this sacrifice, his father reminds him that some animals are extremely unsafe to be around, and cannot under any circumstance exist equally among humans. This created a fear around big animals, such as Richard Parker, the Bengal tiger. Soon after Piscine’s finds himself on the lifeboat, he learns he is accompanied by the same Bengal Tiger he went through years of being afraid of. Ironically, due to Piscine’s family ship sinking, he finds himself being forced to coexist and survive with Richard Parker. At first, he is very intimidated by the animal, wanting nothing to do with it, however Pi is forced to live among this animal to survive. Eventually, he and Richard Parker have a connection. Throughout this journey, Pi does anything he can to keep the animal alive, such as feeding him and supplying water, even if it meant that Piscine did not have access to food for days. Piscine is always watching out for Richard…

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