Support For World War I Essay

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To encourage support for World War 1, the government created the CPI (committee on public information) whose entire goal was to “create and maintain support for the war effort” (page 4 of lecture). They were given the power to censor and war related material.

The first image in group 2 pictures a female figure holding an America flag and an honor role of names. There are many different tactics used in this picture with the main purpose of making the viewer see it as their patriotic duty to support the war by buying liberty bonds. The image is titled with “Americans All!” to remind the nation that everyone must do their part for the benefit of our country. You don’t have to be serving in the military to do your duty, you can support through victory bonds., therefore, this particular propaganda was probably used to target women and other citizens who were not able to join the military efforts. The female figure is meant to draw an illusion to the Statue of Liberty, a very well known American landmark to represent pride. Very obviously, the American flag is used to play on the observer’s nationalism. The interesting part of the image in the name listed under the honor role. The list consists of the last name of men who have done considerable work for their country, and these men are all of different race. Again, this emphasizes the point that America must unite together and support the war no matter what nationality you came from.

The next image in the group two is of a…

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