Essay on Support for School Dress Code

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All buildings must be built up from its base. Likewise, fundamentals should be firmly established before extras are added on. The fundamental function of schools is education. In order to educate, schools require an adequate environment where students can learn without distractions. One significant distraction is the students’ attire. During puberty, even the least provocative clothing excites the adolescents; more revealing clothes only fuel their imagination further away from education. Through its dress code policies that state “clothes must conceal undergarments at all times” and “see-through or thin fabrics which expose the body or undergarments are not acceptable”, the schools rightfully restrain the excessive exposing of the body …show more content…
In the workplace, there is no dress code to guide the workers, but successful workers still adhere to the common sense on expectations of formality and conservativeness of clothing. It is the schools’ goal to teach its students this common sense so that they can be a successful worker in the future. Furthermore, the most important factor in presenting oneself is the clothes. The standards of dress set forth by the dress code sets a bare minimum. Failure to follow this guideline would not only result in punishments from the school but also in degradation of self. It is important that schools socially educate the students by enforcing the dress code policies.
It is only just that the schools enforce these dress codes with respect to law and morals. It is true that dress codes violate the students’ First Amendment rights to freedom of expression and Fourteenth Amendment rights to freedom of individuality; however, schools’ policies take precedence over Constitutional laws to create a safe and positive environment. The 1969 Supreme Court ruling “protects students’ right to expression through clothing” as long as it is “not disruptive or political” (Libertarian Rock). Because what a student is wearing can be a hindrance to education, schools have all the rights to enforce a dress code that prohibits excessive exposure. Like the suspension of Second Amendment rights, First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment rights are also

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