Essay on Support For Post Release Prisoners

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Support for post release prisoners report
The company named span Inc provides support for new release prisoners. This report aims to identify the obstacles faced by the new release prisoners and how the company has offered the support to mitigate the problems of new release prisoners. A groups of people are going to be released and they most of them are women. It is found that problems of new prisoners are overwhelming once they are released. For years they are instructed what to wear, what to eat and where to go but suddenly they have to take decision by themselves after the release. That can cause great mental distress for them. They may face many challenges in re entering the society and this report presents the obstacles that can be occur and mitigation strategies.
Main Body
Getting jobs As every prisoner has a criminal background and that must be illustrated to the employer, it is very likely that they may not get the employment that they seek for managing their life expenses. There are many examples can be offered for this but a simple explanation is offered here about a person who is convicted for the stealing and drug abuse. According the laws, he cannot work in those jobs where financial transaction is involved and he must tell the employer that for what kind of crime he is convicted. It can create problems for employer as well as employer wants to keep his company free from any legal litigation.

According to the C.I.V.R. director…

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